Meditation Easy Program

The 10 weeks Meditation Easy (ME) Program is a modern yet authentic way of learning meditation without having to follow any religion or belief system. You will experience meditation with 30 unique techniques and meditate upon 10 essential themes of your life.

Week 1 First relaxation, then meditation Week 2 Live in here and now Week 3 Body, mind & more Week 4 Conscious living Week 5 Let go & Centering Week 6 Expanding Centering Week 7 Energy Week 8 Beyond mind Week 9 Meditation on-the-go Week 10 Spiritual Freedom 10 Weeks of Meditation Journey Body centering Body scan The secret of breath From old to new Be here and now Rewind Peace of heart No weight no mind An empty house A meditative apple a day,… Trataka Always now Let go In the center of movements Stillness of thoughts The world in this moment I am all Boundless Pranabalance The third eye Chakra activation Out of the box Empty mind Fuzzy front Pause in a pause Blue sky The illusion Neti neti Sound of silence Be a light onto yourself
  • For Amateurs to Pro Meditators

    Designed for an optimised meditation learning process with changing levels (10 x easy, 10 x medium, 10 x advanced).

  • 30 Guided Meditation Techniques

    Learn and practice 3 unique meditation techniques per week (each 15-25 min) or at your own pace in up to 1 year.

  • Access via Web + Mobile Apps for 1 year

    Online and offline access to your meditations and personalized Dashboard to learn and practice at home or while travelling.

  • Your Meditation Style Analysis

    Discover your meditation style based on 6 Elements and 5 Activities to wisely select your personal life long meditation practice.


Each of the 30 meditation techniques is explained with meaningful classifications to increase your knowledge of meditation.

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Optimised learning curve with 3 levels

Going through the ME Program is like a hike for learning meditation with 3 difficulty levels of meditations to keep your journey always motivating and progressing.

10 Easy
10 Medium
10 Advanced
6 Elements as basis for meditation

Each of the 30 meditation techniques is based upon one of 6 elements providing you a unique way to enter meditation. Discover what fits best for you during your program to build a life long meditation practice.

Concentration Awareness Observation Imagination Feeling

Each of the 30 meditation techniques is designed to predominantly use one particular activity form of your consciousness to reach meditation. Over the course, you will find some that are more intuitive and natural for you to define your personalized meditation style.


...E.g. In 'Trataka' you concentrate on a candle's flame to enter meditation


...E.g. In 'Peace of Heart' you feel the eternal peace present in your heart


...E.g. You will imagine infinity in the technique 'Boundless'


...E.g. Observe the movements of your thoughts in 'Let go'


...E.g. Become aware of your breathing in 'Be here and now'


In our view, meditation goes beyond boundaries of any one particular culture, tradition, religion and belief system. It belongs to the very essential core of unbiased human understanding of eternal life to live with happiness, truth and self-knowledge.



ME Program Lead (English)

With 7000+ hours of silent meditation experience along with 15 years of personal research on different approaches to meditation, Dhyanse brings the essence of eastern wisdom in a contemporary form.


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Dr. Kristin Garg

ME Program Lead (German)

With her medical research background, Kristin brings in a scientific approach to the program. 3000+ hours of silent meditation experience and a trained voice gives her the ability to guide you into deep meditative states.