Omedito GmbH

Omedito GmbH offers introductory to advanced level online meditation programs, seminars, corporate workshops, personal coaching, retreats and other tools for meditators.

Omedito is interested in everything that has to do with what is called as ‘Meditation’ in English language or ‘Dhyana’ in Sanskrit.
Questions such as ‘What is Meditation?’, ‘Why Meditate?’, ‘How to Meditate?’ come to our minds and a thousand convincing answers are available from various sources to satisfy the intellectual query for a while. However, these questioning formats ‘What, Why and How to..’ are limited to capture concepts and understanding of the mind, whereas Meditation itself begins where the mind ends. Hence, any intellectual attempt to answer these innocent looking questions can only lead to further astray. BUT there is a possibility…
….to create gaps in your mind, open the window from which life enters, even if for a while for you to see, taste and experience Meditation. Once you are in, the journey begins, then there is no authority needed to tell you what life is.
Omedito has been exploring all such possibilities of bringing meditation to you in different ways and to help beginners curious about meditation as a way to more relaxation, peace and wellbeing, to advanced meditators in their inner journey. These ways are available in formats such as online programs, seminars, workshops, personal coaching, retreats, and other tools.