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Your way into meditation!

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Until you learn how to find your own way into meditation, there are techniques which can be very helpful for you to not shoot in the dark, but to rather follow a framework. In ancient wisdom of meditation, 112 techniques have been created to reach meditation keeping in mind different types of people across time. These techniques have always been considered as 112 unique doors to move beyond the mind by pretty much every spiritual leader over the centuries. Amongst these techniques, there is at least 1 technique which fits best for every individual based on the type of his/her mind. However, many of these techniques take extreme measures and are no longer applicable to the mind and man of today. In the Meditation Easy program, we have crystallised  the very essence of all these meditation techniques in 30 core techniques which cover essential themes of everyones daily life in the 21st century. Those 10 themes of life are:



10 themes of ME Program 


Each of these 10 themes have 3 dedicated meditations. Each meditation technique is designed to open up new perspectives on your life and introduces new aspects to keep you advancing in your meditation practice.

Once you have done the entire Meditation Easy program you will develop a holistic sense of what meditation is, understand different ways in which you can reach to meditation and most importantly, you will find your style of meditation as some techniques will be more natural to you. Focus on those few techniques, practice them regularly until you can even leave also them behind and move into silence just by sitting and doing nothing. Start your meditation journey with the first free guided technique ‘Body Centering’ today.