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Why you should meditate while travelling?

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Travelling is one way of discovering ourselves and so is meditation. But can we combine both for the ultimate experience?

Travelling to a new  place provides  us with many new impressions, teaches us potentially the culture of that place, lets us taste its nature, food, language and people. With many new insights and impressions, meditation will not feel the same as at home in your regular place. You will have to digest new sensations and might be able to approach the meditative state from a different angle. Travelling breaks a lot of  barriers and helps you to be mindful of new things. You might feel much more awake and alive while travelling - this will for sure help your meditation!


Refresh your meditation practice

The best thing about meditating while travelling is that you get to explore different places for your meditation and can apply different techniques as well. This can refresh your meditation practice and enrich your experience! As you simply have to look for a quiet place to sit down, you don't have to worry much about the accommodation.


Be mindful of every new experience

Meditation is also being aware of yourself as well as the surroundings. Being mindful, as we know, constitutes a major part of meditation and you can practice that perfectly well while travelling. Any new experience and any new view gives you the great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Whatever you see, hear, taste, feel - just be more and more aware of it, that will cultivate your mindfulness and make your travel even more experiential.

While in a bus train or car, reading or counting the number of signposts on a street, number of bus stands or trees can be used as counting technique.Also we walk a lot when on a travel. Observing your steps and alternating feet is also considered as being mindful.

The aura and surroundings of places we travel to are absolutely different from the ones we are used to. To be comfortable with those surroundings, it is important to be in synchronization with the way that place works and in beat with its nature. Be in the moment of falling leaves, sound of the wind, people talking, marketplaces and everything else that amuses you. The food culture is also different,generally comprising of their domestic availabilities. Be able to enjoy the taste, its uniqueness, its aroma and even the way of eating. Being mindful of all the small things while travelling makes a lot of difference to your mindfulness routine.


Travelling and meditation are such beautiful things which will together make you understand more about yourself and let your travel even be more insightful. Travelling can also be used as a phase of mindfulness where you open your mind to every new impression and thoughts that come your way and be aware of it every moment .



“Wherever you go, go with all your heart" - Confucius