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What should i expect out of meditation?

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No superpowers?

Nothing promises more than the idea of meditating! From relaxation to enlightenment, people often create several expectations from meditation without understand what it really is. Some think they will have some higher spiritual experiences of seeing heavenly lights, attain to super powers, to others thinking that meditation will immediately put them in some sort of eternal bliss and their life’s worries would end completely. No matter what you want out of meditation, spiritual gurus have constantly been turning those expectations down by saying that don’t expect anything out of meditation. They are not wrong but such a disclaimer doesn’t allow any motivation to arise in the meditator which is very much required at the beginning of this inner journey into meditation.


Expect it all!

Dhyanse takes a contrary standpoint saying that one should set very high expectations out of their meditation practice. We live in a world of such mindsets that unless we have hopes of a higher outcome, we would not invest any amount of time and energy to anything. Hence such expectations are helpful to give 100% of an effort into learning meditation and building up a strong practice. Gradually as the practice matures, the meditator realises the childishness of those expectations. Both as a result of failure in meeting those high expectations and also with an increases understanding of meditation, certain pre-conceived notions created by ones own mind are broken. And that breakthrough is needed for a transformation on this meditation journey. Once that happens, you loose all that is not you, and reach to who you really are! And in that state, whatever is not you, becomes irrelevant.


“You need a gamblers mind to put yourself at stake to move forward in your meditation journey.”


Another valuable point made by Dhyanse is that meditation doesn’t come cheap! It requires an attitude of 100% commitment of your time and energy. As unless you are willing to invest your whole heart and being with a dedication to regular practice, it will not happen. And you will only be able to experience some sort of temporary relaxation within a guided meditation. But it would not transform your life. For transformation, that gamble is required, that commitment is required.


Give your 100%

That 100% effort with commitment becomes the very reason which will take you forward. Just think of those moments when you are ‘trying’ of meditate. Unless you surrender 100%, your mind will not drop in silence completely and even if 1% of it is peeking from a corner, actively judging what you are doing, it will only fool you that you are now silent but in reality meditation will not happen. So only when you give it all what you have, meditation will flower to bring you to who you really are and that is worth everything!


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