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Ways to Daily Mindfulness

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What is mindfulness?

In short, being mindful is to be fully aware of the present moment, of what is happening around you. It is being aware  of your thoughts and actions, and living here and now, in the present moment.

Mindfulness has become a new trend and has shown to reduce stress in our daily working lives. Incorporating a few basic steps of mindfulness in our simple day to day activities will benefit us not only in making our lives less prone to stress but also more simple and enjoyable.


5 ways of incorporating mindfulness in our daily life:



Being a good listener in itself is a great virtue. However, many times it happens that we are physically present in a conversation but mentally wandering in our own thoughts. It is important that we really listen and hence show empathy when a person is speaking. It is an act of being affectionate which can help in avoiding miscommunication and misunderstandings.



We come across innumerable things on a daily basis which we see or hear but are generally not aware of them. For instance the traffic noises, church bells, sunrises, sunsets, a cool breeze or it can be anything from our environment. We can start experiencing these things mindfully, being aware of each and every minute detail and go along with the rhythm of these very normal things which we would start noticing differently.



Who doesn't love food? All of us love eating our favourite food.  But how many of us actually enjoy every bite and every spice of that particular delicacy? Mindful Eating is actually experiencing food right from its beautiful aroma, its texture, temperature, flavour to our munching sounds. Mindfulness while eating will give you an essence of enjoying small things in life.



Daily chores can be boring and frustrating too, but doing them is routine work and has to be done. For example, feeling the textures and fabrics while folding clothes, smell of the soap and playing with the soap bubbles are some simple things which will avoid negative thoughts coming to your mind about the work being boring. Searching for fun and being aware of every job you do can make you find new ways of doing chores in an enjoyable way and the next time you do it will not be just for the sake of completing, in fact you will see yourself having a good time.   



The pace of our lives have accelerated to a completely new level and spending time with your own self seems a difficult task now. Multitasking is the key to finish off work in the competing world but has become an obstacle when it comes to looking after health. Good health is necessary in order to lead a peaceful life and when the body starts showing signs that it is not peaceful, it's time you take things a bit slower. It is better to be mindful about what your body wants you to know and accordingly give it rest.


These are a few ways of mindfulness which would help in enhancing the quality of life.


"Being mindful about small things will make you design your thoughts in a creative manner, letting you be the artist of your own inner universe."