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Understand your Guided Meditation

In Meditation techniques



It is valuable to know and understand the mechanism of a particular meditation technique apart from just following the instructions. When you understand the logical principles behind a particular technique, a new revelation about the nature of your body, mind and more opens up for you. This process also helps you in the following ways:


            Builds a context and prepares your body-mind to do the technique more effectively.

            Keeps your meditation journey motivating with every new technique offering a new understanding and experience.

            Gives you subjects for contemplation which not only are relevant during meditation but also are applicable to other aspects of your daily life.

            Once you have learnt the crux of a particular technique, you can even adapt the technique to your own rhythm.

            Eventually, it helps you to get rid of the technique itself and become an independent silent mediator without using any techniques.



The picture above shows an example of a meditation technique called ‘Neti Neti’, which is one out of 30 techniques from the Meditation Easy Program. In this program, all 30 guided meditation techniques are provided with their background information, classifications and individual benefits to provide a comprehensive understanding of each of the techniques. If you are interested to know more, sign up for free and explore it for yourself.