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Mindful Eating - The art to enjoy simple things

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How many times do we actually eat food and enjoy every bite of it? Not always! We eat, fill our stomach and go back to whatever we were doing or multitask while eating. We generally lack the consciousness to eat mindfully.


So what is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is enjoying every bite of your food, its textures, aroma, flavours, the sound you make while chewing food and what goes behind preparing that dish. It also includes the feeling that whoever has prepared the food has put their heart into it for you. Mindful eating establishes a relationship between you and the food that you eat, as well as the environment it comes from. It makes you grateful towards things from where it came, right from the fields, market place and the one who made it so delicious. You start appreciating food and its value.


How to Eat Mindfully?

The first thing to clear out from your mind is that it is NOT a diet but a lifestyle. Mindful Eating is not just a habit to be carried out during the actual mealtime, but a lot more is to be done and understood.


Here are a few steps to eat mindfully

  • Hunger Calling

You instantly know when you get hungry and feel like having a feast at that moment. Instead, try listening to your body and its sensations by being aware of it. This does not mean starving. When you control your hunger by knowing what it really needs and increase hunger tolerance by observing the feeling, you keep off from food you don’t really need.

  • Choose your food

When you choose what to eat and what not to eat, it is important to be aware of the thoughts that arise from the food options in front of you. Look at how they are made, their smell and whatever more you can observe. When you choose the food items, you become aware of the decisions you make which is also necessary in other aspects of your life while making important decisions and trusting your gut feeling.

  • Prepare your own food

Be mindful while preparing the food for yourself.It miht be anything, right from peeling, chopping, squashing to frying. Be observant of every ingredient on your table, what it looks and what it transforms into during the process. This stimulates your mind and body and focuses on being ready to eat. If your mouth waters, you know your body is giving you the right signals.

  • Before you start eating

This is the part everyone eagerly waits for! Look at all the colours, textures, and aromas in your plate. Feel the flavours, temperature, the crunchy sounds while you eat. Never eat when you are in a stressed mood. Moreover, when you eat mindfully, the body and the brain knows that you are full and this keeps a check whether you are overeating or not.

  • Finishing Up

After you have finished eating your food be aware of how your body feels when you are full, the feeling of satisfaction of your hunger and even the tastes that still remain. Our appetite comes from how well you have enjoyed the food. This helps to better the digestion process as the body is at peace.

 These steps will not only help you in eating mindfully but also give you an essence of enjoying small and simple things in life which we unknowingly overlook.