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Meditation - The source towards love and kindness

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Love and Kindness are two beautiful feelings which every person should give out unconditionally. The technique 'Peace of Heart' from Meditation Easy App helps you to find the emotion of love and kindness in your heart, be aware of it and as a result experience peace arising out of it.

  • Know your heart :

We think that our heart is full of love, kindness and care only when we fall in love. We feel as if we are living in a perfect world with everything being in harmony. But in reality, our heart is always filled with peace and affection towards others and not just for one special person, but we aren't aware of it. The more we become conscious of the inner peace filled within our heart, the more we come closer to happiness. Meditation is one of the most efficient way to reach closer to your heart and connect with yourself.

  • Connect with your heart :

The best way to experience peace is to first make peace with yourself by being aware of the good thoughts travelling inside your soul. When we connect with our inner self, we own all our emotions and can channelize them in the most positive and effective way. Our mind and body works in synchronization and the outside world feels like an illusion or a secondary part of our life. When we find the peace hidden in our hearts, we start to love ourselves and that is when we can love others selflessly.

  • Meditate your way to peacefulness:

When we meditate, we unveil different layers of ourselves. Generally, we are concerned only up to the physical layer and our emotions to some extent. We aren't in a position where it is possible to be completely selfless. Many a times, kindness is shown by people having an expectation of return, but that is not a pure intention of being kind. This happens when you are not completely contented with  yourself. Your soul is in a bewildered state and does not know how to practice the charity of love when it comes to excluding self interests. Meditation helps you let go of any negative thoughts wandering beneath your exterior. It is a practice of being one with yourself , keeping aside the worldly life where you get involved. The moments of meditation bring you closer to your heart and lets you experience the love and peace arising out of it.


Meditation helps you to figure out the hidden peace in your heart, know its value and gives you a gratifying feeling towards everyone and everything. So meditate, find your inner peace, feel the power of eternal love and spread kindness everywhere you go!