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Meditate correctly by avoiding these mistakes

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We are prone to making mistakes when we start something new and it applies to meditation as well. You may be making mistakes unknowingly while meditating or there might also be some expectations about meditation which are not really appropriate and could direct your path of meditation in the wrong way. Being aware of your mistakes in the initial stages itself and avoiding them will prove to be effective in the longer run. Here are 10 mistakes meditators should definitely avoid while meditating.


1.   Wrong Body Posture :

Proper body posture is one necessary requirement to go ahead with meditation. A misaligned body posture will result in discomfort and will be a distraction in the whole meditation process. The main aim is to be comfortable and sit straight. You might use a meditation cushion, benches, chairs or even a mat. The article about choosing the perfect meditation cushion on the Meditation Easy blog might help you find one according to your comfort.


2.   Creating expectations:

Meditation is not a give and take bargain. It is more of an acceptance of yourself as you are  of  rather than expecting you to become into something. The very expectation becomes a hinderance in the your progress through meditation journey. In fact as long as you carry expectations in you, meditation does not happen. And the interesting paradox is that as soon as you drop your expectations, you find yourself in immense peace, joy and harmony which are just some by-products of correct meditation.


3.   Not letting go :

Until you are on a 100% let go, meditation cannot happen. It requires deep trust in yourself and courage to jump into the unknown. Those who find it difficult to let go, try out imagination based techniques from the Meditation Easy Program to learn how to let go.


4.   Not getting adequate sleep :

We observe in our daily lives that whenever we get less amount of sleep than in general, we are dull and in a passive mood for the whole day. Lack of energy does not let you enjoy things and you can never concentrate properly and work to your full potential. Though meditation is not an activity where you have to sweat yourself but it definitely needs full concentration and consciousness. Inadequate sleep can make you feel mentally fatigued and cause drowsiness during meditation resulting in an incomplete meditation session.


5.   Thinking that meditation will give you superpowers :

There has always been a fascination of superpowers since we were growing up as kids and wishing to levitate like some  yogis from Tibet! Attaining supernatural powers is not the goal of meditation. If you will meditate with such intentions, neither you will really meditate, nor you will attain to any super powers. Try meditating without any intentions of attainment, you will most likely reach to inner silence, bliss and peace. And maybe you might come across some latent abilities of your own mind along the way.


6.  5 minutes is no meditation :

The mind and body need to be completely relaxed and calm to start meditation. It takes sufficient amount of time to settle down and be ready for the meditation process. To get yourself immersed in meditation, it needs more than 5 minutes and you cannot just wrap up meditation without completely believing in what you are doing and connecting with yourself. There are no shortcuts to it.


7.   Irregularity :

Being irregular with meditation will not give you improved results. Being consistent in your meditation will do wonders in your daily life and keep you stress free. Schedule at least a 15 minutes meditation session in your day and experience how well it works for you.


8.  Not following a meditation technique :

It is always better to follow a technique before jumping into something you don't know. Even if you know, it is always good to have a base of a technique in order to perform better. In meditation too, there are several techniques you can follow at every ascending stage of your meditation practice. The Meditation Easy App offers you a 10 week intensive program of meditation comprising of 30 techniques right from basic to advanced levels. A guided meditation is helpful to learn but you should be careful of not being completely dependent on it.


9.  Self Doubt :

Doubting your capabilities is the biggest hindrance on the path of achieving something you want. While meditating, sometimes you may feel that the method of your meditation is wrong and might create self doubt. You can cross check the method but do not ever doubt that you cannot meditate even if you have been trying for a long time. Doubting yourself becomes a start to the thread of negative thoughts instead of letting them off. Be comfortable in the process, be yourself and find your inner peace.  


10.Losing Hope :

Hope is a factor of motivation and keeps us going even when we are absolutely weary of the process. Good results take time to achieve and not just happen overnight. There are efforts required behind every activity you do. Meditation too is a gradual process. It takes time and experience for achieving the consciousness to run under every muscle. Never lose hope and have the confidence in yourself to be a good meditator eventually.  



Mistakes are a proof that you are taking risks and trying something new. But realising those mistakes and working in order to overcome them is a sign of a good learner. Being a meditator is not easy and needs patience. Keep these 10 things in mind which are to be avoided, try following it and have a wonderful and peaceful meditation journey!