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Magic places: Engstlenalp, Switzerland - In search of the miraculous

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Magic places - do they really exist? We wanted to find it out and did a tour ourselves to the Engstlenalp, Switzerland, which is supposedly known to radiate spiritual energies. It is said that this region shows a natural radioactivity of 27 microroentgen per hour which is comparable to the Himalayas and the compass is disoriented for no explainable reason. And on top, there is a particular spot, at which the biometer captures 48000 Bovis units, a number which is comparable to the pyramids of Gizeh. We got curious and started exploring!


Amidst the wide mountain ranges of Berner Oberland, Engstlenalp stretches on 1850 m above sea level, easy to reach by a hike starting at Melchsee-Frutt or Jochpass. Walking from the nostalgic hotel Engstlenalp along the silent mountain lake, we are reaching the magic spot in the green moraine hills in about 10 mins: a big stone next to a pine tree. The zone in between stone and pine tree (N46° 46.528' / E08° 21.041’) is said to be a ‘dead zone’ with low energies. On the left side of the stone, however, where there are few ankle-high stones, the energy is supposed to be extraordinarily high and dwelling here for some time to deeply refresh. So we stepped onto these smaller stones to sit on the next large stone. Relaxed and curious we immersed ourselves into the moment and closed our eyes.


After 30 mins of resting at this place, it was enough and we looked forward to taking a dip in the lake. Generally we felt good, as anybody would probably do after a hike and spending time in nature but the question is ‘Did we experience any magic/spiritual energies?’. Well,  our personal take on it is that the real magic is not to be found at a certain place, but lies inside ourselves. Not sure, if that place had anything special, although it gave us a chance to sit silently and go deep inside ourselves in complete silence.



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Dhyanse & Kristin

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