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Is my guided meditation authentic or 'Pleasant Gibberish'?

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99% of what you can come across as guided meditation on the internet and mobile apps are nothing but what i call as ‘Pleasant Gibberish’. ‘Pleasant’ because it might indeed calm you down and ‘Gibberish’ because it doesn’t make any logical sense. At the most it might sound like any lyrics of a beautiful song entertaining and distracting you away from your worries for a moment. Somewhere down the line, we have mistaken meditation as an application for just calming down. Perhaps the need for relaxation out of our increasingly stressful daily lives is unconsciously making us accept almost anything that can give us solace. And meditation is served as the new trend to reduce stress and giving us a ‘calm feeling’. But if this is the only thing you want, then learning meditation is not even required. Maybe doing sports, listening to classical music, spending time with friends & family or other similar things can easily help. Meditation is an entirely different dimension of quality to the way of living life. Hence, to impart it to somebody else requires a thorough understanding and experience of various aspects of Meditation by the creator of those guided meditation sessions.

Here are 5 key questions for you to judge whether what you are learning is authentic meditation or something else:


  Is your guided meditation based on a meditation technique or not?

◆  Does your guided meditation explain you the background principles of a particular technique?

  Is your guided meditation focused on one of the following activities of your consciousness: concentration, awareness, observation, imagination and feeling?

◆  Is the core of your guided meditation leading you to introspect within yourself?

  Is your guided meditation taking you to inner silence?


I have put in-depth articles for you to go through the details of each of those 5 questions individually and do a critical evaluation of your guided meditation. To know whether you are on the right track or just getting entertained can save you a lifetime!

As there is progress in your meditation practice and the understanding of meditation itself grows, it will become easier and more apparent for you to feel whether a guided meditation is containing some authentic essence and is able to take you to a meditative state or not. Eventually, your aim should be to even drop the outer guidance and move inwards without any external push. Your own intelligence should become the guide and take you where you want to be. In order to acheive that level of mastery over your meditation, you need to try out several meditation techniques to build a holistic understanding and incorprate the right ones in your daily practice.

 You can learn authentic meditation with the Meditation Easy (ME) Program in a 10 weeks intensive meditation journey exploring 30 different guided meditation techniques. Each technique is designed to make you experience and understand what meditation really is and allow you to find your own meditation style.



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