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Is Meditation Music Helpful?

In Meditation techniques

Music drives almost all of us into pleasant moods. It triggers our emotions. But, as far as meditation is concerned, should we really be listening to music while meditating?

There is no such hard and fast rule whether you should listen to music while meditating or not. Just like anything else, music too has its own pros and cons while combining it with meditation.


For beginners, if it is hard to concentrate while meditating, one can start off with meditation music being played alongside. This can have a relaxing effect on the mind as well as the body. Silence can sometimes be intimidating in the initial stages of meditation and thus music can give a comforting feel in order to meditate. There isn't a specific type which is supposed to be played while meditating. So called meditation music might soothe your meditation, or for some even classical music can work.

On one hand music can be comforting while on the other, it can also be a distraction to meditation. Our main aim while meditating is to be able to calm down our body and mind to free up our attention. If music starts taking our attention and keeps it involved, then probably it is time to go beyond music and practice silence. Closing our eyes and listening to music without being aware of our consciousness is not meditation.

Music serves as an aid to meditation in the beginning and should not be made a habit for those who wish to pursue meditation more seriously. It has its own upsides and downsides and is subjective depending on the present experience and starting point of a beginner.


The best musician to help us out in our meditation is nature! So go out there in the nature, be one with the nature, enjoy its beautiful music and have a taste of an amazing natural and musical meditating journey with yourself!