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How to choose a meditation cushion?

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Ever wondered why you need a meditation cushion? Every person has a different body and his own comfortable posture. During meditation too, it is important to concentrate on meditating without any discomfort being a distraction. It is quite possible that misalignment of your head, neck, shoulders, spine, hips and legs may cause pain or stiffness which will not let you meditate in peace. The aim for a proper posture for meditation is

  • To sit straight

  • Sit relaxed, yet for longer periods of time

  • Not necessary to sit cross legged if not comfortable

  • Do not slouch


The ability to meditate in a proper traditional way of sitting depends on the flexibility of your ankles, knees and hips. Just like anything else, the proper aids for meditation like a cushion will help you meditate in a comfortable posture and for a longer time.


There are a variety of cushions available depending on your posture and your style of meditation :

  1. Zafu meditation cushion which gives a higher lift from the hips




  1. Cosmic cushion  is a variation of the zafu cushion and is in the shape of a fortune cookie which positions the heels and ankles closer to the body.



  1. Heavenly Buckwheat bean has a lower lift and is comfortable for people with better flexibility


  1. Rectangular Meditation Cushion has straight edges and lifts proper alignment without interfering with the position of ankles and heels. This cushion is generally used by experienced meditators.

  1. Zabuton meditation cushion gives a support to the knees and ankles and is placed under the zafu cushion.

  1. Knee pillow/ Kapok support cushion gives a raise and support to the knee to avoid the discomfort of the knee.


If you are not comfortable with using cushions  or might lack in the flexibility of legs, ankles and knee joints which would make it difficult to sit in the desired position on the cushion, then for you here are a few alternatives which you might like to look up.


1. Zazen benches -  These are used to meditate in the seiza technique of meditation which is japanese and has a kneeling posture with your spine being upright.


2. You can use a yoga mat or even fold it for giving you a higher level. But don't make it too lumpy otherwise it will misalign your posture.


3.  A chair which keeps your spine upright. Helpful for those who have knee joint problems and cannot sit in the traditional position.


4.  Mandir floor chair is a type of chair without legs and has a back support.


5.  Pillow blocks are also used for meditation. You can choose the best filled one according to your convenience.


Along with these  different types of cushions and the alternatives to it for having a comfortable posture, it is important to understand the techniques and the value of meditation. The Meditation Easy App gives you guided meditation through its 10 weeks intensive meditation program.  


Any kind of aid is useful for a comfortable meditating experience and the perfect cushion proves to be one such aid. The main reason for using the cushion is to have a proper painless posture.


Get your desired cushion and enjoy a great and comfortable meditating experience!