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Get Motivated and Start Meditating

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The most common ‘I don’t have time’ reason might fade your motivation to meditate. These are a few points which might help you to start with or get back your motivation for meditation.


In order to find a solution to any problem, it is necessary to first get to its  root and know the underlying problem. We all face problems while starting something new as we aren’t completely aware of the things which are necessary to include in the process. Continued brooding of issues will have a negative impact, give you a negative approach to things and you will lose out on so many beautiful things that come your way. Motivation is the thing which keeps us moving forward in spite of all the difficulties we come across. Same is the case with meditation and one should be motivated to meditate in order to experience the advantages of it. Following are a few ways which might help you get motivated for you meditation journey.



Make a list of all problems you face and things which are being an obstacle for your motivational start. When you make this list, you will realise that many problems are just branches of the root cause and the root causes are generally less. This way it will be easier for you to tackle them one by one. A list will make you understand your problems better and you could relate more when you keep going deeper. Making a list is the first stage, basically making you mindful and aware of the things which are not helping you to get motivated in the process. You can write down your problems and then give it a positive approach which will give you a solution one by one to tackle all the issues. For example, if ‘getting tired after a busy day’ is becoming a demotivating factor, you can think about meditation as a positive solution which will reduce stress of that day and refresh you for the following day.



Ask yourself why you want to start meditating or why you had started in the first place and then stopped. Some reasons of starting meditation could be to relieve stress, getting out of depression, fighting anxiety, getting relaxed and calm or simply to be with yourself and understanding your inner self. Asking yourself the reason will not only give you the motivation to start again, but also give you a satisfaction that you are working towards reaching the goal you set up for yourself.



Many a times, different thoughts cross your mind which you feel like sharing with somebody but there is no one at that moment and then you forget that thought. These thoughts might be anything, right from feeling sad, a good idea, a motivational feeling or even an incident which happened and you want to talk it out. You can either voice record these in your phone or write down, whichever is comfortable. Looking back at these will give you an absolutely motivated feeling and an urge to connect with yourself again which can be achieved through meditation.



Make meditation a part of your routine just like brushing your teeth is. When you make a ‘to-do’ list of the day you can add meditation for say 15mins in it. Or else you can set a daily alarm in your phone.This way you won’t forget or have time issues when it comes to meditation. Avoid time lapses and irregular schedules for meditation, as it will not help you achieve your goal the way you hoped.



Meditation apps have become a good source to get you prepped up for meditation and track your progress in this digital world. For example, Meditation Easy App will help you to learn and practice unique meditation techniques in an intensive 10 weeks program. Check it out here.



We all need a companion to push us when we find ourselves dull or demotivated. Making  a group of people wherein you all can meditate together and motivate each other if one is lacking somewhere in the process will give you a zeal to work harder in motivating yourself. You will learn to meditate in synchronization. The views and thoughts of other people in the group will also give you better insights for your meditation process.



Meditation is a wonderful thing which does not discriminate, neither between rich or poor nor young or old. The only thing it needs is motivation which has to come from within yourself. Motivation towards meditation is the purest urge and one can live with this thirst for life. So get motivated and start meditating!