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Does your guided meditation trigger one major activity in your consciousness?

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If there is any goal of meditation, then it is to let all activities in your consciousness settle down to a complete silence. In that state of silence you can go beyond perception. For that to happen, any good meditation technique should trigger one major activity/movement in your consciousness that is natural to you and use that as a basis to reach to a complete silence in your consciousness. To learn meditation, the Meditation Easy (ME) program utilises 5 major activities in your consciousness: observation, concentration, feeling, imagination and awareness.


5 major activities in consciouness  

Each of the 30 meditation techniques in the ME Program is working on one particular movement, e.g. in the technique ‘Trataka’ you concentrate on the flame of a candle to enter meditation and in the technique ‘Let go’  you are observing your thoughts. Then there are techniques which are more imaginative and are best fits for people who can imagine well, and similarly there are other techniques based on feeling for the more heart-oriented ones. It is important to try out different ways to reach meditation and discover what suits you best. Everyone is different and every day is different. Today it might be easy for us to concentrate, whereas tomorrow it appears extremely difficult and we might be better off with a technique guiding us via imagination instead.


While meditating with techniques focusing on different activities of your consciousness, you will learn more about yourself, about your strengths and discover your personal style of meditation.