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8 benefits of meditation

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Health is wealth and our health depends on the kind of lifestyle we live. Incorporating meditation in your routine will prove to be helpful in developing your way of living physically and will also give you positivity and peacefulness mentally. Meditation throws the lethargy out of you and prepares you for the onslaughts of everyday life. Have a look at some of the most important benefits of meditation.


1. Increases Productivity and Energy Level :

    We get exhausted due to the fast paced world and need energy to pull through the day. This tiredness causes the stress hormone called 'cortisol' to release. Meditation helps to be conscious of the things happening internally in our mind and body. Our mind achieves control over our consciousness through meditation and in turn helps to neutralize the effect of cortisol and maintaining energy. Meditation also helps to improve the quality of sleep making us feel energetic for the next day.  


2. Emotional Stability :

    It is human tendency to be emotionally affected by certain situations that we come across in our life. Our temperament has an impact on ourselves as well as our relationships. It is extremely important to know how to control our emotions. Meditation trains the mind to be subtle and be aware of our own self. Mindfulness helps to cure depression and anxiety disorders. It increases emotional stability and enhances our emotional quotient when it is needed in various circumstances.


3. Improves Self Confidence :

    Our self confidence depends upon our achievements, reputation and a belief in our potential. When one lacks self confidence due to his background, meditation helps in identifying the negativity, facing it, accepting it and working towards improving it. This happens as the mind slowly gets into the positive mode through meditation. It also helps in improving our self esteem which gives self confidence and all of which is connected to emotional stability acquired through meditation.  


4.  Increases Creativity :

    Creativity is necessary in order to have your own different perspective of looking at things. A person with lack of creativity may find it hard to come up with new things and be dull in life. Meditation gives you different perspectives and broadens the imagination of your mind. Meditation helps you reframe your thoughts in a creative manner.


5. Relaxation of Mind and Body :

    We need a mind and body free of tensions in order to think clearly and act accordingly. Relaxing your mind and body and diverting your consciousness to non-stressful thoughts can be acquired through practicing meditation every day. Meditation gives you a pass to relieve all the stress. This benefit of relaxation is also connected to increased productivity.


6. Increases Self - Awareness :

    Self awareness cannot be bought but has to be experienced by being mindful about small things about yourself. Mindfulness can be exercised  better while meditating. It helps you be aware of your actions and your emotions. Self awareness is the start of being a better person and it happens only when you are conscious of your thoughts. Meditation is one of the best source to be self aware and lets you know the intrinsic value of your own being.


7. Pain relief :

    Meditation can potentially help in relieving  pain. As you meditate you become aware of each part of your body. You can learn to control the part which is causing pain or learn to detach yourself from the cause of the pain. The following link will give you information on the conditions which need to be practiced in order to release pain.,,20189590,00.html


8.  Acceptance :

     Acceptance is the key to be satisfied with what you are and what you have. Knowing and accepting the way you are helps a lot in making a change further and going that extra mile to work harder. Meditation teaches you to be comfortable with yourself and love yourself. When you accept the way you are, that is when you can come to terms with your own true being and make changes accordingly to be a better person. You also learn to accept the society and meditation fills you with gratitude towards your society. Acceptance makes your life simpler and it can be achieved by meditating regularly. Meditation gives you happiness and a peaceful way of life and that is what you really wish at the end of the day!  


Many people say that meditation has proven to be a boon in their life. A majority of learned and experienced people cannot be wrong! Try for yourself, keep some time aside for a meditation session everyday and see how it helps you in the long run. You can try the Meditation Easy App to guide you through your meditation process!