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Taking a break gives you a free space for thinking or doing something different from your daily work. Your mind and body gets fatigued by the end of any brainstorming session or a physical activity. We are humans and hence need to recover ourselves from the tension to be able to perform better. Taking a break refreshes the mind and helps you to think clearly when you get back to your work. Every person has his own way of relaxing in a certain way. Breaks are actually necessary for better learning and memorizing things. Following are 5 simple ways which work well for almost everyone.


Meditation has proven to be one of the best way to take a break. It makes you calmer when you  are under stress, reduces anxiety and clears your mind off any worries. After a mentally gruelling activity, your mind gets saturated and it becomes hard to take in more. You aren't able to concentrate and hence decreases your productivity to work. When you are so involved in your outside world, you forget to connect with yourself and take a break. Meditation helps you to be you. If you are beginner, a meditation app can be very helpful to learn and practice meditation, for example, Meditation Easy app teaches you different techniques and one of it is the 'Pause in a Pause' technique which refers to you getting out of your involvement of the worldly activities as well as being aware of your inner space. The moment between inhaling and exhaling is the moment where all the inside movements of your emotions, desires, fears stop and those are the moments where you go search for your inner being and take a break from everything else.



Expressing yourself in a creative way helps you  forget all your mental pressures. Paint like you have seen colours for the first time, dance to every beat you come across, write like paper is your best friend and sing like you are a rock star! Expressing creatively relieves you from stress and makes you think in a fun way, a way in which nobody can judge you. It is an enjoyment for your inner child and a stress buster for your adult life.



Listening to music takes your mind off from things that tax your brain. Your favourite kind of music makes you happier and makes you sing or dance along , forgetting your tensions. Music has also proved to be therapeutic for people struggling from depression or anxiety. Music elevates your mood when you are absolutely frustrated  and even strengthens your memory. So taking a break from your work and listening to music will actually benefit you in recollecting the important things in your head which you practiced before taking a break.



A small simple massage of your own can do wonders in relaxing your body. Stretching your body and massaging your head or hands proves to be very refreshing. You can use a sponge ball or a massage ball to give a massage to your hands and feet by squeezing the sponge ball in your hands and rolling your feet on the massage ball. Your back and neck get stiff by sitting in the same place. Stretching your back eases up the pain and moving your neck sideways like saying a no will make you feel better.



Being around and working in the same place every day for hours together can make you feel irritated and restless. Stepping outside your workplace and exploring in the nature will revitalize your energy levels. The chirping of the birds, walking barefoot on the grass, feeling the cool breeze makes you smile with these simple pleasures and gives a break from all your worries and lets you experience these small but beautiful things!



Taking a break from daily activities is a very important and necessary thing. You don't have to feel guilty about a break even though you have a whole lot of work pending! Give yourself a chance to re-energize, gather all that motivation back and then put in extra efforts to create the best out of you!