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5 Points How Meditation Helps You Overcome Bad Moods

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how meditation helps you overcome bad moods


Meditation has shown to have many beneficial effects, but how can it help us to overcome bad moods? This article explains how meditation regularly contributes to overcoming any negative spiral.

We all know these phases, where we feel like dark clouds are hanging around your head and we just do not feel good. There might not even be a reason for this negative mood, it just takes turns with happiness sometimes or it can be the result of some hormonal fluctuations, especially for women in their premenstrual days. In order to feel better, it is important to understand the nature of a bad mood. What better is there to do so than meditation? Learn how meditation touches 5 crucial points to immediately feel better.

1) STOP!

In times in which you are not clear-minded, it is better to not blindly run your daily schedule but rather take a moment for yourself to calm down and to go inside. With a clouded view, everything you take in your hands will anyway have that negative touch. So time to stop for a moment and give yourself some peace. Of course, it might be harder to relax when you are feeling directed by some outer force, but you need to give yourself that respect and the chance to come closer to your center before doing anything else. 

2) Hug yourself!

When having a negative mindset, you will easily feel that everything around somehow goes wrong. Being annoyed by that you are condemning yourself even more and probably having self-destructive thoughts sounding like ´I could have done…´, ´I should have…´. Punishing yourself for something is not the solution, but rather initiates a negative spiral! The truth is: everything you perceive is dependent on your inner attitude towards it. So if you are looking at things lovingly, with less anger and more softness, and not in any self-destructive way, immediately, your experience of them will change. Try it out and just hug yourself! What you did and are doing is ok! Be compassionate with yourself.

3) Be with what is constant in you.        

By regular meditation you will become more and more aware of yourself as being not the body and the mind. You will be able to see your miseries, but not identify with them. Just the identification with thoughts, things, situations etc. creates misery. In meditation you loosen up your identifications and thus, will be able to see them from distance. You will experience, that those moods are just on the very surface and cannot really touch what is constant in you. You will recognize yourself as the watcher, standing on the hill, not affected by what happens down below, but rather smiling and enjoying the show.

4) That too will pass!     

Accept life´s play! Good, bad, positive, negative – whatever this body and mind have in scope for you, just embrace it! Half of the misery is gone, when you do not resist it. Accept it and be open for change. Sometimes moods can be so strong, that we get carried away far from your center. But then too, trust that another time will come. Know that the outer life is running in ups and down. Accept and enjoy whatsoever is there right now. Respect the life you have and don´t waste even a single moment!

5) Do you really want to feel better?

Remember that your life is in your hands. We are human beings with the potential to transform our own life – if we wanted to. So ask yourself: Do you really want to come out of your miseries? It could very well be, that you are getting something out of it, e.g. that deep down some pleasure is there when you punish and pity yourself. Be honest to yourself and decide. Once you have decided to feel good, you will! And if you decide to be miserable a little more, also fine but just don´t bother the world around you with it!