ME Program Team

In our view, meditation goes beyond boundaries of any one particular culture, tradition, religion and belief system. It belongs to the very essential core of unbiased human understanding of eternal life to live with happiness, truth and self-knowledge.



ME Program Lead (English)

Dhyanse received his initial exposure to meditation from his father at an early age of 5 years while growing up in India. Since his teenage, he started researching on spiritual and philosophical literature on yoga, meditation, tantra, mysticism, human psychology and other ancient wisdom traditions to understand diverse approaches adopted by spiritual leaders across time and culture. With over 15 years of personal research on different authentic meditation methods developed, 10000+ hours of his silent meditation experience, he went through inner awakenings to realize keys to bliss, self-knowledge and enhancing the quality of life’s experience.

From his formal education, Dhyanse has a Masters degree in Biochemical engineering and Biotechnology. Over the past years, he has been working with large multinational corporations in Strategy and Innovation related positions in different European locations to learn the essential economic and technological factors relevant in driving global consciousness. He is committed to share his experiences and knowledge of meditation in bringing more awareness and consciousness in lives of people, and preparing meditative leaders in every aspect of society to drive humanity towards welfare and harmony. He created Meditation Easy program to provide a pragmatic and modern approach to integrating meditation in our daily lives.

Dr. Kristin Garg

ME Program Lead (German)

Kristin has over 3000+ hours of silent meditation experience and is skilled in voice modulation techniques to take you into deep meditative states with her guided-meditation techniques.

From her formal education, she is a licensed pharmacist and has a doctorate in molecular biology for researching on neurodegenerative diseases at Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany. She has been regularly participating in latest discussions at world-wide scientific and medical conference dedicated towards future research in pharmaceutical industry to fight chronic diseases. She also provides a very scientific and structured approach to successfully address the challenge of designing meditation techniques suitable for western ways of living. She is a frequent traveler and has been regularly visiting different parts of India to take inputs in enhancing her knowledge of Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. Together with Dhyanse, she is presently designing different tools and innovative approaches to meditations improving the mental health and lifestyle of people.