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5 early indicators to know if your meditation is working

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Over the last decade, scientists have become very much interested in capturing meditation on their measurement scales with quantifying patterns and changes of brain activity as a result of meditation. However, there is still a long way to go before the concept itself is understood in its entirety.

“Sometimes your own experience is the best judge”

Meanwhile, in our opinion, the best way to evaluate your meditation practice is still based on self-judgment & reflection of your subjective experiences such as subtle changes in your behaviors, daily actions, inner experience and changing perspectives. In this article, we would like to share with you 5 early indicators showing you if your meditation is working and if your meditation technique is fitting you or not:

1)     Initial disturbance than expected silence: This sounds rather counter intuitive but our experience shows that in the first few days of practicing with a fitting meditation technique, you will suddenly start to be more aware for yourself which will show you ‘the way you really are’. This self-confrontation can be disturbing in the beginning, until a deep silence of acceptance dawns upon you at later stages.

2)     Less identification with this or that: You will start to clearly see what all you have been identified with all your life, and put it into its right place. Not that you would stop identifying with this or that, but generally, you would notice a gap between you and your identification, which for the first time will allow you to take a decision on things you have identified yourself with.

3)     All that creates stress in you starts to drop: Once you start to see the mechanisms of your behavior and realize yourself as part of the whole existence, you will not be stressed by little things and have lesser inner conflicts.

4)     Unleashing of latent energies: You would be surprised to see how much of your energy is being wasted in inner conflicts created by no other than yourself and once this starts to disappear, you unleash a great amount of previously wasted energy and focus it on the things that matter most to you!

5)     New quality of your actions: Probably this is the most significant change that happens that with whatever you do, now you do with it more peace, joy, love, concentration, harmony and silence.


“ Meditation shows you the way you are,

and if you go on, it can transform you into what you can be”

No matter what your motivation to meditate is, if you want to bring more relaxation or spiritual growth in your life, if you want to become more aware of yourself or learn about yourself – Meditation is a must experience everyone should try at any given stage of life.

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